Our Medics

We have several grades of Event Medics who work with us,  the majority of events will require EMT’s and ECA’s with the exception of those involving extreme and high impact sports where a Paramedic could be very useful. 

A certified healthcare provider who has undergone rigorous three year training either within the NHS or as a Science degree.  Qualified and equipped to treat and transport victims of emergencies. Paramedics provide advanced life support to victims. Skills include intravenous infusions, needle tracheotomy,  (Emergency Airway puncture),  intravenous infusions and advanced airway management. Paramedics are  trained in the use of controlled drugs, our Paramedics carry and use controlled drugs.

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s)
Probably the most common emergency medical care qualification and refers to a person specifically trained in the performance of  procedures required in emergency medical care. EMTs generally work with mobile emergency response teams, such as ambulance or fire and rescue teams.  They have specific training in neck brace and scoop procedures. Employed in emergency rooms, and some are hired for sporting events, camps, or other locations where emergency response might be needed

Emergency Care Assistants (ECA’s)
An emergency care assistant (ECA) responds to emergency calls as part of an accident and emergency crew or at times as a first responder, using skills and procedures that they have been trained and directed to do. Trained to help move patients safely and observe patient vital signs – reporting any changes to the qualified clinician.  Training in the NHS is approximately  8 weeks, and includes First Aid, Patient Care, Moving & Handling.

There are many different roles available for a qualified nurse.  Our nurses generally also work for the NHS and have experience in emergency ward nursing.