Compliments, Comments & Complaints

At MRI Events and Ambulance Services we are committed to Equality, Diversity and Human Rights. This means that we work to make sure you are treated fairly and with respect.

However there may be times when things go wrong or you are dissatisfied with the service we provide. When this happens we will investigate your concerns as quickly as possible with those directly involved with your care.

Complaints can be made in writing, electronically via email: on this website or verbally direct to MRI Complaints Department. They may be made on your behalf by someone else. If someone is making the complaint on your behalf and we need to disclose confidential information to investigate the complaint, we will always seek your consent first. This is to protect your confidentiality.

Whoever you ask to look into your concern or complaint, they will do our best to sort out the problem as quickly as possible. They will be careful to make sure that any information about you is kept confidential and that complaining will not influence or affect any further care and treatment.

Click here to open and print the compliments, comments & complaints form